I have, in the past, tended to make recordings which sound like live acoustic concerts.
                 Although I am still fond of this sort of simplicity, my more current songs seem to lean towards
                 a bit more instrumentation.  Between the months of Feburary and April 2005, I recorded
                 two songs in a more deliberate fashion than usual (if you are interested in more exact details,
                 the studio section is the place for you).

                 The songs are meant to be played in the following order.  To download one of the .mp3 samples
                 below, right click on the link and choose "save target as" to specify location on your machine.

                 a reflection
                 [full song low quality, mp3 format]
                 [full song high quality, mp3 format]

                 author's note:  I cite one of my own songs Stone Car as a musical influence for a reflection as
                 well as The Cure's From The Edge of the Deep Green Seareflection's style of lyrical repetition
                 is also something that I have admired in Cure lyrics in the past.
                 under the rug
                 [full song low quality, mp3 format]
                 [full song high quality, mp3 format]

                 author's note:  I distinctly remember hearing John Wesley Harding's Infinite Combinations
                 for the first time.  I thought to myself, "This is the greatest Elvis Costello song that I've ever
                 heard!  I have to find a copy of this."  Thankfully, the independent radio station (sadly, now
                 long gone) solved this mystery for me, and this was the first song that got me really interested
                 in finger picking.  Bob Dylan's One Too Many Mornings and Boots of Spanish Leather are
                 also both great examples of songs that have a mellow acoustic guitar with finger picking and
                 create quite a bit of space for vocals.  One Too Many Mornings can also be cited as
                 a lyrical influence.

                 In a way, I find posting mp3's on a web site like putting a CD in a bottle and throwing it out to
                 sea.  It would be cool to hear feedback.  And if you want to hear about new songs as they are
                 posted, you can either check, or you can e-mail me at km at
                 I may set up some sort of mailing list in the future.