As I have more small time charlie recordings completed and posted, this section will
                 become more of an archival section for older recordings and projects.  For the time being,
                 however, I thought that I would post a list of artists that dominate my listening for a
                 particular week.  I sometimes find it tough to find new and exciting music.  Mainstream
                 music is so overly polished that it has lost all meaning to me, and most media tends to
                 center around these computer-based productions.

                 I am now a huge fan of Rhapsody (which requires a high speed internet connection).
                 This is like having an almost unlimited number of CD's at your disposal and is a great
                 way to try lots of new music (no, I do not work for these guys):

                 I am also a fan of Harp magazine, even the advertising is for cool bands (don't work
                 for these guys either):

                 recent favorites:
                 October 17 - Matt Pond PA Emblems
                 October 3 - Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine
                 September 26 - David Gray Lost Songs
                 September 19 - Duncan Sheik self titled
                 September 12 - Gillian Welch Time (The Revelator)
                 September 5 - Coldplay X&Y
                 August 29 - Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning.
                 August 22 - Neil Halstead Sleeping On Roads.
                 August 15 - Amiee Mann's The Forgotten Arm.