studio.          (ACID/Fruity Loop Sets)

                 I am one of what I think are now many home recorders who make their own records.  I
                 see this as an interesting time for music for just this reason.  In the past, recording has been
                 a mystery to musicians, the equipment was too much of an investment for most bands (and
                 didn't sound so great anyway).  From my own experience, this made studios quite intimidating -
                 and being intimidated is not exactly the best mindset to record music.  The current ease of
                 making records at home should give bands an opportunity to get used to recording and
                 plan out songs in much more detail before going to a "real" studio.  Ultimately, I hope this
                 raises the quality of records that we hear (even though the business of major labels seems to
                 accomplish the exact opposite).

                 Following is a list of equipment used for the recordings posted on this site:

                 Alesis ADAT XT
                 M-Audio Tampa mic pre-amp
                 M-Audio DMP3 mic pre-map
                 Presonus Bluetube mic pre-amp
                 Dell desktop machine for mixing
                 Shure SM58
                 Octava MC-012
                 Alesis Groove Tubes AM61
                 Shure SM57
                 Epiphone Dot electric guitar
                 Epiphone Jeff Baxter (like a PR5-E) acoustic guitar
                 MusicMan tube amp
                 Yamaha Clavinova (keyboard, piano)
                 Danelectro Danoblaster bass guitar
                 CB Drums set with Paiste cymbals

                 I hope to post more details about how I get sounds in the future, or possibly post a studio log
                 as I am tracking a song.

                 I also make loop sets that are compatible with ACID or any other ACID-like software program.
                 One set seems fairly unique - it is a set of ebow guitar sounds that I find quite cool in place of
                 a keyboard.  The set is currently for sale on e-bay (if I don't have a set listed, just e-mail and
                 I'll list one).  For more information and example songs, go to:
                 Loop Sets.